Described by Felipe Neto as “one of YouTube Brazil’s biggest (if not the biggest) losses”, youtuber Julia Tolezano of the JoutJout Prazer channel is back to post a video on the platform on Saturday, September 23. two years of absence, announced the closure of the channel on the video sharing platform.

In an emotional tone that means the final video — 44 minutes 36 seconds — has to be re-edited by her constant partner and ex-boyfriend, Caio Franco, Jout Jout admits it’s “time to get an idea.” He recalled that in 2019 they said they would take a break until Carnival 2020, but that “the world has been turned upside down – outside and inside”.

Now, two years later, the 31-year-old duo from Niteroi, who graduated in journalism from PUC Rio, says the duo is back, but just to say “the time has come to close” this beautiful cycle started there in 2014, I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach and I had no idea where we were going”.

Why has Jout Jout been so successful on YouTube?

Jout Jout became a YouTube phenomenon in its first year. Julia always brought thoughts about life, but unlike the professorial tone of most influencers at the time, she touched on topics like machismo and feminism. without absolute certainty and always in a frank, didactic and objective manner.

It was in one of these publications – “Removing your red lipstick”2015 – the presenter’s spontaneous and direct handling of situations characteristic of abusive relationships, a topic that was still somewhat taboo at the time.

“My channel talks about facts, it makes people notice the obvious,” Julia said in an interview. Universe the year 2018.

Source: Tec Mundo

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