five tech giants, including Facebook and Google agreed on a code of conduct in New Zealand. The law, which went into effect this Monday to take action against the posting of harmful content on its platforms, has been pointed out by some critics as inadequate.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, Google (YouTube), Tik Tok and Amazon (Twitch) is committed to actively reducing content linked to the sexual exploitation and exploitation of minors, bullying or cyberbullying, incitement to violence, violent or uncensored posts, disinformation and the dissemination of fake news.

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Netsafe, the independent internet rights organization that developed the code, said in a statement released today that with this self-regulation, the public – through a mechanism that has yet to be established – will have more power to complain. against harmful content published on platforms

code too opens the door for multinational companies to be punished for violating its policies and requires these companies to publish annual reports on steps taken to implement it.

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Source: Exame

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