In recent years, video conferencing tools have reached a new level and have proven to be useful and convenient tools for work. You can start a group call in a matter of minutes, and for other participants to join, you just accidentally send out the target link.

The coronavirus lockdown has greatly advanced the niche, and has moved from the most successful services to one Increase. This spring, a foreign company closed the doors to domestic government services, and the security of confidential data of ordinary users from the Russian Federation is under responsibility.

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We have collected specially selected domestic services for creating group conferences and conferences that can be used on different platforms and for different needs. There are solutions for business, education, sales or webinars. Everyone can find a convenient means of communication in video format with settings chips.

Yandex.Telebridge. Conferences for 40 participants without time limits

What platforms does it work on: Window, macOS, android, iOSweb version in browser.

The domestic search engine offers its own service for quickly organizing video bridges with a high speed of participants. To create a conference Yandexhere any owner of the link is connected even without authorization.

During the conference, a chat of participants and all modern management features are available. The administrator can select speakers, turn the microphones of participants on and off. Everyone who joins can turn on the broadcast of the screen of their gadget.

You can use the service through applications for all current platforms or through a browser Google Chrome.

📱 SKAHAT Yandex.Telebridge for Mac or mobile app for iOS and iPadOS.

Vkontakte calls. Group video chat up to 128 participants

What platforms does it work on: Window, macOS, Linux, android, iOSweb version in browser.

With the onset of the pandemic, the most widespread domestic public network acquired its own video conferencing service. If there is a desire to hold a meeting or presentation through such a means of communication, it is quite possible to convene a meeting of classmates or a conference to discuss some issues with friends.

There will be up to 128 people. The owner of the VK account, who has everyone by the link, can start the conference.

There is screen sharing, speaker selection, and the ability to signal a request. There is even a built-in feature for replacing lights based on neural networks.

📱 SKAHAT VK Calls for any relevant platform is available on a single download page.

Webinar. The largest platform with support for up to 10,000 observations

What platforms does it work on: web version in the browser, applications for iOS and android.

Service developers collect that their project maximizes all the possibilities of the service Increaseand in some respects even surpasses it.

On this platform it will be possible to collect up to 100 speakers and up to 10,000 views. Has API integration Bitrix24, Yandex.Metrica and necessarily a skein for notes Miro.

There is Russian-speaking support 24/7, and all servers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation. It turns out to collect up to 30 people in accounts, advanced features are increased by subscription from 1249 rub. per month.

The organizer needs to have an account in the service, as well as a mobile application.

📱 SKAHAT Webinar You can visit the service website, the iPhone client in the app store.

Sferum. Educational project for distance learning

What platforms does it work on: Window, macOS, Linux, android or iOS.

The service was developed with an emphasis on structure and with the aim of organizing a conference for remote learning of students and schoolchildren. The platform involves not only conducting lessons between teachers and students, but also organizing remote collection sources, pedagogical meetings or advanced training courses.

You can get an account in the service only after confirmation by the administrator of the corresponding educational institution.

The sphere is completely free, a download is required to connect an educational institution. During a video call, you can collect up to 100 peoplethere is chat and secure file sharing during the conference.

📱 SKAHAT Tsferum available on the service website, client for iPhone and iPad in the app store.

Trueconf. Conference with 4K broadcast and local server

What platforms does it work on: Window, macOS, Linux, android, iOSweb version in browser.

The service is positioned as a reliable secure solution for business. Along with cloud video communication, it is possible to deploy TrueConf on an enterprise server with the task of ensuring network security without access to the Internet.

You can open a secure connection, you can connect to the case only if you have a set password.

Supports integration with SIP/H.323, Skype for Business, Cable TV. Within the framework of one conference, you can collect up to 1000 participantsif you have the appropriate equipment, you can broadcast a presentation in 4K.

The cloud solution for 40 users is available for free, additional features or a local version of the service will cost from 900 rub. per month.

📱 SKAHAT TrueConf for any relevant platform is available on a single download page.

Jazz. With voice assistant and cool noise reduction system

What platforms does it work on: Window, macOS, android, iOS and on smart devices from Sberbank.

One of the freshest solutions on the market is presented by the company Sberbank. The service launched at the beginning of the year and already offers several competitive advantages.

On the base Jazz you can have a conference up to 200 people. The service includes an integrated corporate voice assistant of the company Salute.

To create an opportunity, an account in the service can be obtained by anyone who has received the entitlement on any available platform. By the way, the trust service on SberPortal and SberBox Top.

To improve the sound quality of the speakers, noise reduction technology has been added from Nvidia.

At this stage, the use of the service by an individual is free, for businesses, paid solutions with advanced features will be presented.

📱 SKAHAT Jazz for different platforms on the service page. video calls with integration of other company services

What platforms does it work on: android, iOSweb version in browser.

A simple service with a basic set of features from the company To start the case, the account can be accessed via a link to anyone.

The service is integrated with the company’s calendar and mailer, the latter being an application for conferences on mobile platforms.

During a conference, you can choose your favorite speakers, control other users’ microphones, and have a text chat.

📱 SKAHAT video calls You can go to the App Store or start using it through any modern browser.

As you can see, the choice of a platform for organizing video communication in the domestic market is quite large. In addition to the services described above, you can find a couple of existing less popular tools and tools for group communication.

The basic capabilities of most of the proposed ones mean only additional chips and binding to a particular authorization system. For a one-time gathering of friends, any available messenger with video communication is suitable, but above, if you need to collect data for collecting data, for collecting data, it is better to choose one of the described domestic services.

They will not let you down at the right time and will not disappear from our market due to the introduction of new sanctions restrictions.

Source: Iphones RU

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