Quickly charge your iPhone anywhere with this 10,000mAh battery with MagSafe on sale

You can forget the charger at home for a few days, the solution is at Belkin.

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If you have an Apple device compatible with MagSafe magnetic charging, this powerbank Your Belkin will save you more than one rush. With this external battery, you no longer need to take your charger with you for a 2-day getaway. 10,000mAh you will need to download a lot your iPhone as your Watch or AirPods several times.

today this battery one of the best known companies Belkin’s price drops in Apple’s circle 59.99 44.99 Euro only in black version. It is a very compact battery that super safe charging for your devices.

Belkin power bank MagSafe (10,000 mAh)

Buy the best MagSafe battery on the market for 45 euros

Belkin magsafe power bank

Owning a Belkin power bank are big words

With this external battery you can charge a device with MagSafe while charging the powerbank itself at the same time. It’s a very compact battery, taking up the same space as the iPhone 13, but thicker. owner two ports (USB and USB-C)If you wish, you can charge two devices at the same time, one wireless on the surface and the other wired.

The MagSafe charge this battery , up to 7.5W (and not 15 W like other DC chargers). if you use USB-C cable can output up to 18W charging power. Perfect for travel, it measures 16.9 x 10.16 x 2.54 cm, so it fits in any backpack or trouser pocket. Moreover, weight 300 grams Nothing compared to other powerbanks of half a kilo or more.

This battery from Belkin is the most recommended battery for Apple devices.

MagSafe charge only Compatible with iPhone 12 and 13 (and variants) as well as with charging cases AirPods 3 and AirPods Proand all models apple watch until date. However, you can also charge it with this battery. any other device Supports Qi wireless charging.

Belkin power bank MagSafe (10,000 mAh)

You have other higher amperage external batteries for this price, but none MagSafe charging or wireless only That’s how safe it is from Belkin. Take advantage of the offer and get one of the best wireless charging power banks on the market at discounted price.

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