Twitch streamer Amouranth Won a gift-packed package sent by an anonymous fan, among other things $70,000 cashequivalent to more than R$365 thousand at the current exchange rate. The video of him opening the box was shared on his profile on the platform on Monday, 5th.

package received by Twitch’s most popular female streamerAt first he believed that it was a joke of someone he knew, but also a New iPhone and self defense items🇧🇷 These last gifts included a stun gun (taser) and phone numbers already paid for by the mysterious sender for security services.

At the time of the unboxing, who was also a content producer. cosplayer and Famous on OnlyFans, YouTube, Twitter and many more platforms, he found a letter anyway. In the text, the fan says he sent defense materials and money to ensure that no financial issues get in the way of the celebrities’ decisions.

Mysterious package sent to the address Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, Amouranth’s real name came just weeks after she announced her divorce. The breakup took place after the American accused her of being psychologically abused by her husband on a live broadcast.

disturbed by the present

Although the gift sent by the anonymous fan does not indicate an unusual marriage request or that the sender wants something in return, twitch star He was offended by the indulgence he received. Responding to fans, she said dealing with the pack was “stressful”.

amortization He commented that even the money did not excite him when he opened the box, perhaps because of his concerns about the box. history of abuse🇧🇷 Regarding the amount, the streamer revealed that the dollar was deposited in a bank and kept safely away from his home.

Source: Tec Mundo

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