There is talk of a species that lived 375 million years ago, the old fish Qikiqtania wakei. It was decided not to walk further on land and to return to swimming in the open sea. A recent study finally revealed hers evolutionary conversion by the remains of fossils found in Canada more than 15 years ago. Shortly before the pandemic, scientists analyzed a boulder years anonymous in storage and with traces of scales.

We couldn’t believe it when the first grainy images of a pectoral fin appeared. We knew we could scan the block better if we had time, but it was March 13, 2020 and the university closed all non-essential activities the following week.

Justin Lemberg, one of the authors of the study

Then, in the summer, the resumed research found that the animal fossil contains parts of the jaw and jaw, neck and scales. On the other almost completely one pectoral fin it is a upper limb, including the humerus. This bone does not have the characteristics of a limb adapted for walking on Earth. In fact, it does not have the typical ridges with the position of joints and muscles created to inhabit the mainland.

The surface is curved and smooth, suitable for underwater life. This physical oddity suggests that the ancient animal may have returned to swim in water. Obviously, after his ancestors began to use the appendages for walking.

Source: Lega Nerd

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