Summing up another week with AliExpress: the rate has become noticeably higher, but here you can still find a lot of interesting gadgets, especially those that are sold with Russian warehouses – their prices are less in demand by exchange changes.

Everyone saw for himself, they picked up the most original accessories and gadgets that you should pay attention to right now. Drop in and check – and don’t mention the news in our Telegram channelwhere the hottest discounts have just been published.

1. Whcc Luminescent Case for AirPods


A simple but high-quality accessory to protect your favorite headphones. There are several nice colors available in the everyday collection.

The natural glow of silicone requires easy detection in the dark. Stylish and comfortable.

Price: 241 144 rub.

2. Wireless headphones 1Read More


One of the most popular models of the brand, which gave the world the first successful hybrid headphones in the mainstream segment.

There is no armature here – but the huge saturated driver works out at 100. Therefore, the sound is excellent. It is worth noting the very good ergonomics.

Price: 7065 3038 rub.

3. Smart Raikube lock


One of the most affordable smart locks available on the market with its own password keypad and fingerprint scanner.

It is connected to the Thuya ecosystem, a sufficiently high level of protection is required – standard for the average land.

Price: 10514 5257 rub.

4. Kuulaa wireless charging


Foldable charging station up to 15W, enough to work with Android and iOS smartphones.

Holds even very heavy smartphones in a comfortable position. And it is also convenient to take it with you.

Price: 2919 1605 rub.

5. Radio-controlled fighter Lkcomo


An affordable and well-thought-out drone for beginners: with its help, you can master piloting model aircraft.

The foam body requires easy repair and simple operation. I used my own remote control from the package.

Price: 2128 1277 rub.

6. Ike men’s backpack


Solid and very affordable full backpack with hard dispersion. Holds up well!

The kit includes a 17-inch laptop, lots of accessories and even a change of clothes. Excellent.

Price: 3786 1930 rub.

7. Cabletime USB Hub


A solid hub for expanding the capabilities of compact laptops: there is HDMI with 4K support, and 4 USB-A 3.0, and support for pass-through charging.

Suitable for MacBook and other parts with USB-C. If necessary, there are modifications with other outputs.

Price: 1703 1004 rub.

8. Smart surge protector Tuya


Power hub with remote control of each outlet and 4 USB outputs for charging gadgets via Wi-Fi.

Knows how to buy. Connects to Tuya ecosystem, Alice support coming soon.

Price: 2701 1998 rub.

9. Huge hammock Vilead


An original replacement for the usual home dryers: it takes up much less space, can withstand up to 20 kilograms of load and is almost invisible when folded.

Price: 2987 1971 rub.

10. KATA compact dryer


A huge mesh hammock for 3-4 people (depending on their size) for fastening between 3 supports.

For such a case, a whole clearing and 3 very strong trees – otherwise it will not hold.

Price: 2545 1527 rub.

11. Game console DATA FROG


A retro console created with the Dendy and Sega game emulator. All popular hits are already on the scale, flashing is not possible.

Can be shipped in the original Sega Mega Drive case with wireless joysticks virtually indistinguishable from the original.

Price: from 3826 from 1530 rub.

12. Tourist fan Guan


The fan is powered by a built-in battery. With its help, he can charge other devices, as well as earn extra money with a camping lamp (the lamp is also built-in).

The flow is small, but sufficient for a tent for 3-4 people or a small bedroom. The set includes a control panel.

Price: 2818 2085 rub.

13. EGYAL case for iPad


A copy of the original accessory with a magnetic mount. Reviews are very good, the price is just great.

Price: 1770 1416 rub.

14. Bluetooth speaker Anker


Good 12W stereo wireless speaker. It is not afraid of water, dust and dirt, it looks good in a home interior.

Price: 5583 2680 rub.

15. Baofeng Mini Walkie Talkie


One of the most compact radios (with fewer feature phones!) available to private individuals.

Works in a specific nature – if necessary, it is recommended to purchase a pair or flash it.

Price: 1613 1080 rub.

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