The “always on” mode allows the system to always display certain information, such as the time, on the screen while consuming very little battery power.

9to5Mac confirmed all the rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro by mentioning always-on display support in iOS 16. There’s even an “internal mode” that Apple uses to test “always on” on the iPhone 13.

When it comes to Android smartphones with always-on displays, this feature works pretty much the same for everyone. You get a black screen with a clock and sometimes widgets. But Apple may be working on something more complex for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Based on the internal files of iOS 16 beta 4, 9to5Mac found that the system wallpapers are already ready for this new mod. The system’s native wallpapers now have a new state called “Sleep” with very dark and faded elements.

As soon as the user turns off the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen, the wallpaper enters the Sleep state. The post was able to reproduce the new behavior, which you can see below:

Source: Ferra

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