Is it always displayed on iPhone 14? This is recommended by iOS 16 beta

According to the iOS 16 beta code, at least the iPhone 14 Pro may come with an always-on display.

by Francisco Fernandez on iPhone

Years ago Samsung surprised us with the inclusion of an always-on display on some of its high-end terminals. mode Always On Display. Thanks to the new OLED screens, it is possible to significantly reduce battery consumption. only part of the screen remains on phones big enough to see the date and time.

rumors iPhone can include Always On Display They’ve been around since the arrival of the iPhone X, which first introduced this type of panel. However, the iOS 16 beta code explains a somewhat odd behavior with wallpapers and goes so far as to suggest that. always-on display could be much closer than we think.

iOS 16 beta code shows hints of always-on display

As we mentioned, a recent discovery by 9to5Mac triggered all the alarms. Apparently, instead of having static images like before in iOS 16, wallpapers consist of several images with multiple vector layers rendered in real time.

iOS 16 lock screen

The working of iOS 16 wallpapers shows that iPhone 14 may come with “Always on display”.

This same function, for example when you turn on your iPhone’s screen show date, time and widgets first from the top and then the actual wallpaper. It also makes it possible to overlay the wallpaper, for example clock or widgets. iOS 16 splits wisely Wall paper in vector layers so one, the other, or neither can be opened.

This is very interesting because that’s exactly how the mod works. Always On Display from Android devices. For the same reason it is believed that they can surprise with the launch of this mod at least on the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max from Apple the always-on display, if it works well, can be most useful for the following. always be aware of notifications or know the time without having to open the screen.

Thanks to the way wallpapers work, this mod can even make wallpapers permanent. wallpaper details appear When Always On Display effective. However, due to increased battery consumption, the always-on display is most likely A reserved feature of the iPhone 14 Prois not available for users of standard iPhone 14 or earlier models of Apple phone. Thus, the additional economic expense of this version will be justified.

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