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News from 1 to 10:

one. Game of Thrones: 10 best Arya Stark quotes – Check out the top 10 sentences of the character in game of Thrones (with context), By sorter’s order;

2. What to watch: 3 new releases to watch over the weekend – Don’t know what to watch? Don’t worry, we’ll show you three items to invest in over the weekend;

3. Activision’s legal process is public in Brazil; companies respond – As the bureaucracy of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard approaches its final stages, we are slowly learning more and more details about the behind the scenes. Check out more;

4. The meteor drop in SP is impressive; see pictures! – Around 05:09 am this Wednesday (03), a meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere and caused a massive flash in the sky;

5. Know the three types of long-term covid – A new study has classified three different types of long-term covid according to patients’ symptoms, strain and vaccination status;

6. When are we in electric mobility? – The traditional automobile industry is devoting more and more time and investment to the development of electric vehicles (EVs), namely with combustion engines;

7. Thief hands iPhone back to attendant after saying ‘please’ – In addition to the crime, an unexpected gesture of courtesy: in response to an employee’s requests, the robber decided to return the employee’s mobile phone;

8. 11 hidden functions on Chromecast you need to know – There are a few underutilized Chromecast functions that many people don’t even know exist. That’s why TecMundo has listed 11 “hidden” sources in Google’s streaming player;

9. Minister will go to Apple to ask iPhone to have ‘real’ 5G in Brazil According to the government representative, the delegation will ask Apple to release the necessary updates for the mobile phone to work with the new technology;

10. Why do horses need shoes but cows don’t? – Hardware has its pros and cons, and what works for one animal may not work for another. It turns out!

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Source: Tec Mundo

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