The arrival of the drones lifeguard for the rescues at sea has been positively proven in Spain. A 14-year-old was rescued by a lifeguard drone after he was threatened with drowning by the current of a tide off Valencia beach. The drone, coming close to the boy, activated its “lifeguard” function by throwing him a life jacket.

A godsend can be said, because the flight of the drone that arrived straight from the sky allowed him to save his life. The life jacket allowed him to stay afloat until help arrived on the jet skis. Fortunately, the boy was sent home in good condition after a short hospital stay.

Thirty General Drones drones in Spain have been patrolling 22 beaches and helping lifeguards since 2017. The number of people at risk of drowning is increasing, so their role is essential. In Italy, drones are used for the safety of sea beaches and also of lake areas.

The incident took place in Spain and more specifically at a beach in Valencia, where the 14-year-old who was swimming in the sea was at the mercy of the waves. The rescue service promptly activated the drone’s support, which immediately reached the now exhausted very young bather and brought him a life jacket just in time to avoid drowning. In this way, the boy gained precious seconds that allowed a lifeguard to physically reach him and then drag him safely to shore. He was transported to the local hospital and sent home 24 hours later.

Reuters, British news agency

Source: Lega Nerd

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