According to Sergei Koblov, head of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, which is the advanced scientific structure of Roscosmos, an updated system will be created in Russia that controls the near-Earth space.

Baya theme preliminarily poured and “sword bird” will start full-fledged tracking of the pigment vi vi vi vi bi bi b last. It will be observed for both space “weather” and space debris, asteroids and comets, a significant potential hazard.

At the same time, the system will be found on Earth – all the necessary objects, of unswerving scale, will be located both on the territory of Russia and in foreign countries. The exact geography of the system’s objects is still giving an estimate, but for the best operation of the system it should be South America, as well as the Middle East with Asia and a number of other regions.

In Russia there will be a new system that controls the near-Earth pro

It should be noted here that today Russia has a free system with similar functionality, which can take into account possible situations in near space. It is still moving forward with the assigned tasks, but “we need to move forward.”

Koblov also said that the upcoming system will be better perceived. However, he did not specify in what way it would be better and did not even talk about the timing of the start of work on her.

Source: Tech Cult

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