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Netflix breaks ground in gaming by launching its first video game studio


We all know Netflix from its streaming service, where thousands series D movies sorted into a giant library of content. But the competition Disney D HBO It’s more than movies, it’s also video games.

If a few months ago in the offices Netflix Betting on porting video games to the platform, management decided to go one step further with the decision to create the first original video game studio to launch games on the service.

And this is what Netflix just announced it’s building in-house mobile game studio for Netflix Games in HelsinkiFinland.

Amir Rahimi, Vice President of Game Studios at Netflix, said in a press release yesterday that FThe hinterland is the perfect place for Netflix Games to gain a foothold in the market.since it is the birthplace of such important games as Angry Birds.


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The in-house games studio will be Netflix’s fourth studio, along with Next Games, Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment, and will be led by former Zynga co-founder and CEO Marco Lastikka.

The company said that each studio would be responsible for developing games for different tastes. However, building your studio and games will take some time. Even longer than it takes to shoot and premiere a series.

It’s still early days and we still have a lot of work to do to deliver a great gaming experience for Netflix.Rahimi explains.Building a game can take years, which is why I’m proud of the way we continually build the foundation of our studios.“.

Video games to get away from Disney, its main competitor

Netflix Games was launched last year to enter the mobile gaming market, a sector that brings in a lot of money every year and allows for a very low barrier to entry (everyone has a mobile phone, not a PS5).

This will allow them to be different from Disney or HBO. platforms that have walked the earth for many years thanks to a good catalog of series and movies, but without a trace of a proposal in video games.

Netflix’s game library boasts over two dozen titles, including Poinpy, Before Your Eyes, Stranger Things: 1984, This Is A True Story, Into the Breach, and League of Legends spin-off Hextech Mayhem. His goal is to have 50 titles by the end of the year..

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