It was only a matter of time before it really happened. We talked about the arrival of a version of it. Payment the app whatsapp job. According to known data, the app owned by Meta is taking steps towards this, and contrary to what you might think, this is not bad news.

This possibility will only apply to business accounts, so there’s no need to fear for personal accounts: the messaging app we’re talking about will remain free (and again, that’s good news). The fact is, from the known, the option to switch to a payment option in WhatsApp Business will not be mandatorywe are talking about an option that will be interesting for those who are looking for more than a service.

More options for WhatsApp Business payment

If it is the professional option of the messaging service offered by default, you will not have to pay anything to maintain the usability to date. But there will soon be a monthly payment plan to offer Advanced options such as those related to communication and speech management. Also, it will allow more linked accounts (the free version is believed to have at least 10 instead of four), this is certainly important in many companies so that there are a few people who can respond to customers or potential buyers.

It is unknown at this time what will have to be paid to be part of the WhatsApp Business monthly plan, something that will be very relevant to be clear on whether its launch will be successful. In principle, the ideal would always be to be. under ten euros, assuming that it will offer very interesting possibilities. It’s a really good step up, but the best discussed are not up to par with more professional services like Slack.

Another well-known innovation

These are related to the process of linking additional accounts, because Interface To achieve this, it will change soon (especially due to the addition of an optimized and more useful wizard) to make it much easier.

New connection interface in WhatsApp Business


There will also be options as you can see in the previous image. definition It has been developed so that every profile that has access to the account can be seen and differentiated quickly and easily. Another fact, no doubt. This improvement is expected to roll out to WhatsApp Business users in just a few weeks.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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