If there is something specific that people can use more than a day, it would be real. Pearson, the publisher of college electronic textbooks, believes that they can be (engineerally) reprorodlined. And by controlling the process of changing the owner, it turns out to make money on it. the fairy tale principle is perfectly realized thanks to the game of digital NFT tokens.

Benefits for colleges to measure roads. A lot of money is spent on a set of books of such students. At the end of the course, they are no longer necessary. The rights to use them were assigned to the student who purchased them. Digital book, after being animated, no way So why not give the opportunity to January and resell the books in a safer way, who needs more?

The idea is simple, understandable and quite acceptable. However, Twitter users reacted to her with distrust and even ridicule. Some believe that Pearson’s design will provoke troubling pirates. If this innovation succeeds to any degree, other digital book companies may start to use these approaches in their work. Details about when Pearson will introduce NFT have not been announced – but there is no doubt that this moment will come. net.

Source: Tech Cult

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