Cleaning your home can be a major challenge when it comes to scrubbing off stubborn dirt or grime.

Sometimes it goes a long way to restore the look of a tile, hob or hood grate.

AliExpress sells an electric brush that increases the cleaning of difficult dirt.

The brush comes with the intended attachments. The polisher can be used for microchip tiles, sanitary ware and sinks.

Rigid is not required to remove contaminants from any surfaces. The soft one is great for picking up dust.

The brush is charged with a microUSB cable. One charge is enough for 3-4 hours of work. The rotation speed cannot be changed.

The brush comes with a clip for wall mounting. Thus, the device can be conveniently connected in a cabinet or on a wall.

On AliExpress, an electric cleaning brush costs 810 rubles.

Other great things from AliExpress:

▪️ MagSafe holder that can be attached anywhere

▪️ Interior clock that sticks to the wall

▪️ Sleep headphones that don’t get in the way when you lie on your side

Source: Iphones RU

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