The first rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro keep popping up on the net, and as reported on the pages of 9to5Mac, a novelty could also be the greatly improved data transfer rate for the following devices. Everything was specifically anticipated from the pages of iDropNewswho talked about how? Apple might choose to insert another Lightning type link, but much faster this time.

While it doesn’t seem to have any intention of reshaping the thing as far as its smartphones are concerned, Apple has already introduced the chargers Classic USB Type-C for iPad (with some exceptions) e mac, and we don’t know if anything will affect phones in the future as well. It must be said that, pending whether the company will adapt to the new standard of all technology companies in the sector, a faster Lightning port could be the right solution.

Apparently, however, the feature will specifically only affect the Pro models of the new series, which would succeed from the speed of USB 2.0 to that of 3.0, actually been adopted since the iPad Pro in 2015, although never arrived for phones. There is talk of a transfer that goes from 480 Mbps to 5 Gbps, obviously a huge difference, as well as a novelty that is especially useful for moving heavy files such as videos, which can be easily managed in just a few seconds in this way.

If all this were true, it would also be too early this year to see Type C chargers appearing in iPhones as well, but all that’s left is to find out if the company will decide to adopt it in the future as well. adapt to the aforementioned standard, and thus return to follow in their own footsteps and listen to the feedback of many users.

Source: Lega Nerd

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