Mystery-based narrative works are based on their effectiveness and the interest they arouse in the public, such as mini-series. moon knight (2022) and most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they need to offer us different twists and turns throughout the development of their story in order to impress and keep their eyes on the screen. and episode “Grave” (1х04) from the adventures of Mark Spector starring Oscar Isaac is exemplary in this regard.

The script, signed by Alex Minehan, Peter Cameron and Sabir Pirzada, has a few unexpected deviations; even one that is capable of blowing our heads off because it manipulates our idea of ​​the reality of what is happening. But the first thing that really matters has to do with egyptian tomb that the dangerous Arthur Harrow of Ethan Hawke and his gang on the one hand, and Stephen Grant and Layla El-Fowley of May Calamawi on the other, are diligently searching.

Some are trying to resurrect the goddess Ammit so that she unleashes her terrible power of justice everywhere. Minority report (2002) and a couple with the main character moon knight, prevent it. The key to this lies in said funerary enclosure, and these characters descend there, putting their lives in danger. But what we would not have guessed in a million years, identity of the deceased to which such an underground structure is dedicated. Not less than Alexander the Great.

Fascinating historical character in Moon Knight

Macedonian Empire (323 BC)

oldest architect of the Macedonian Empire He is one of those who caused the greatest controversy and pure admiration among historians of antiquity, and huge rivers of academic ink. He was born in 356 BC. e. He had the philosopher Aristotle as his teacher and quarreled with his difficult father, Philip II, over his new marriages, to the point where he threatened to declare him a bastard son.

When he died violently in 336, he sat on the throne of Macedonia, getting rid of his other pretenders, subjugated the rebellious peoples who tried to throw off the Macedonian yoke, taking advantage of the position of monarchical succession, and until the troubled day that Alexander the Great kicked the bucket, and they put his body in lost grave what is seen in moon knightconquered the world.

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Or, at least, its vast territory between Greece, the Indus Valley in the east and Egypt in the west. Thus, he managed to take revenge on the Persians by occupying his empire and, for all that, in thirteen years from leaderHe was also a Greek hegemon, Egyptian pharaoh and king of Asia, Media, and Persia, and by destroying so many frontier walls, he facilitated the cultural exchange of the Hellenistic period (323-30 BC).

Ammit’s voice

caballero luna 1x04 the tomb tumba alejandro magno marvel disney+
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Persians controlled Egypt from 343, as it was before between 523 and 404, and Alexander the Great put an end to the hated possessions in 332, earning residents’ gratitude in the country of the Nile. They considered him their liberator and considered him a direct descendant of King Nectaneb, the representative of Amun and, therefore, the son of this heavenly deity. And that’s how they decided to call him pharaoh.

AT moon knightwe will learn how Ammit’s voice, according to Stephen Grant Oscar Isaac in front of his sarcophagus; namely, final goddess avatar with the head of a crocodile and the rest, a lion from the waist up and a hippopotamus down. What does not contradict in Marvel fiction what we know about the conqueror of Macedonia, who was admired by Julius Caesar and Napoleon, a very religious subject who practiced polytheism common for his time.

And, according to the annals, Alexander the Great died in 323 BC not being able consolidate your empire, in the royal palace of Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon and only thirty-two years old. But how circumstances in which it happened they are dark and there are suggestions of various deadly diseases or even poisoning, the authors moon knightIf you like, you can tell us that Ammit’s opponents intended to destroy him, and they succeeded.

Alexander the Great Was Already In Marvel Comics, But Not Like This

caballero luna 1x04 the tomb tumba alejandro magno marvel disney+
Marvel Studios | Disney+

However, we don’t have a narrative basis in Marvel comics for this story with a Macedonian as a servant of an Egyptian goddess. But it shows up. at number three Adventures in strange worlds (1951), passes through a strange blue fog with his soldiers and travels approximately 10,000 years back in time until Hyborian Age of Conan the Barbarianand founded the Greek dynasty. And another mist makes them come back later at the appropriate time.

And, according to No. 457 of The incredible Hulk (1997) as Alexander the Great fights the Persians to take over Egypt in 330 BC, strong mutant contemplating the battle: En Sabah Noor, the villain from the film X people: Apocalypse (2016), played by Oscar Isaac himself, who rebukes his people for worshiping a conqueror and manages to get him to flee his domain because of the sinister laughter that eludes him over the young man’s claims to divinity.

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