While there are still no official details about the iPhone 14there are already several previews that also point to the future of Apple in a few years talk about news that the Cupertino giant should be able to adopt for its devices. Specifically, we are dealing with smartphones that are finally ready to offer the entire screen as a usable surface, without any type of camera or design that reduces the actual surface.

According to the analyst Ming Chi Kuo’anything can happen with the iPhone 16 in the course of 2024, as echoed when talk of how Apple would have barely placed the fingerprint sensor below the display before 2023. It must be said that although it is clearly not official information, we are dealing with this matter with a particularly authoritative source, often able to anticipate a lot of news about Apple products ready to reach the market. Find his translated statement below.

I believe the real full screen iPhone will arrive in 2024. High-end 2024 iPhones will opt for a front-facing camera below the display, along with Face ID. Low light conditions will therefore be particularly problematic, with the ISP and algorithm essential for quality improvement.

It therefore seems that the news will be supported by improvements related to the software side of the devices that are not indifferent. Certainly, the next models to be released in September will have the opportunity to clarify the situation and offer improvements compared to what was seen with the iPhone 13and perhaps anticipate what Apple’s future will be with regard to the world of under-screen cameras.

Source: Lega Nerd

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