The Russians discovered Belarus from the other side and began to go there more often to buy clothes from brands that had left the country. Tour operators reported an increase in demand for weekend trips and shopping trips.

Russians began to travel to Belarus more often to buy clothes from brands leaving the country – ATOR

The emergence of a new trend, shopping trips to Belarus, was reported at the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. Unlike Russia, foreign brands continue to work in Belarus, their stores are open.

So for some tour operators, the share of city tours has reached 50%. Most tourists use cars and trains to travel and go to Minsk from Friday to Sunday.

ATOR noted that Mir cards work in Belarus, making shopping trips to the country more convenient. Some tour operators are going to organize special shopping tours with the possibility of Russians issuing Visa and Mastercard cards (which ceased to work in Russia) in local banks.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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