One user of the portal states that drink and food vending machines were created for one purpose: to give people quick access to a variety of products. However, there are times when the desired product gets stuck in the machine. In this case, the first thing you can think of is to shake the device. But this is actually very dangerous.

Between 1978 and 1995, 37 people were killed by such vending machines in the United States. This happened because they were trying to get their food and shaking the device. As a result, machine guns fell on them. Moreover, 37 people – about two deaths this year.

What about white sharks? At the same time, 1.4 people died because of them. Now the number of victims has decreased even more: 0.4 per year (National Geographic magazine writes about this). According to statistics, about once every two years a person dies from a white shark.

At the same time, the number of people who lost their lives due to vending machines falling on them is increasing. In 2015, it became known that four people a year already die because of this.

Source: Ferra

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