Deserts can be tens of millions of years old. Spaces filled with sand in the desert are called ergs. But what is the thickness of the sand in such ergs?

In fact, it depends on the characteristics of a particular area. For example, in the Sahara there are areas where the thickness of the sand layer is only 1-5 cm (Selima sand shield).

In some parts of the Sahara, by contrast, the sand can go as deep as 21-43 meters, or even 300 meters or more. On average, the thickness of the sand in the Sahara is believed to be 3.6 meters.

While the thickness of the sand does not exceed one meter in the Simpson Desert in Australia, this figure can even reach 380 meters in the oldest desert of the planet (Namiba).

In general, the largest sand thickness values ​​are obtained if measured from dunes. Experts consider Federico Kirbus (Argentina, 1230 meters) the highest dune, followed by Cerro Blanco (Peru, 1176 metres).

Source: Ferra

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