cloverfieldpopular thriller and horror film franchise, there will be a third part. After six years out of the spotlight, Paramount has decided it’s time to bring it back, now that the film industry has resumed business as usual after the pandemic.

According to term, new movie about cloverfield will be directed by Babak Anvariwho has also been involved in projects such as under the shadow, wounds D two and two, among other things. The script, for its part, will be responsible for Joe Barton, whose career is more connected with the world of series. Posted by Ritualfrom Netflix as well meeting, from Amazon Prime Video. He also participated in Geary/Hadji D Project Lazar.

However, the most interesting thing is that JJ Abrams, director of the first cloverfieldis the executive producer of the new project. Therefore, it will be good news for fans of the franchise that the mentioned creative is involved.

But he is not the only recognizable figure appearing among the participants in the production. In the same way we see the name Matt ReevesDirector Batman and the last trilogy planet of the apes. Those already mentioned are accompanied by Hannah Minghella, John Cohen, Brian Burke and Drew Goddard.

At the moment yes It is unknown if we will face a prequel or a sequel cloverfield. The second case has already been studied with 10 Cloverfield Avenue in 2016, and while that would be the easiest option, a prequel is possible to explain the appearance – or arrival – of the monster. Another piece of information that remains to be seen is its release date, though it will likely have to wait a few years.

Two films cloverfield they had a good reception both at the box office and in the opinion of the audience. The first grossed $171 million., which is not bad for a project costing “only” $25 million. Her greatest strength, which earned critical acclaim, was that she told her story as if it were home documentary. Most of the scenes are shown through a simple video camera that changes hands as the film progresses.

10 Cloverfield Avenue, for its part, has chosen a more traditional format, but this does not mean that it has ceased to be relevant. The appearance of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman, both with outstanding performances, supported the film, which passed the tension from start to finish. It grossed a total of $71 million at the international box office, significantly less than its predecessor.

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