The official election campaign started this Tuesday (16), and since yesterday (17) a fake video has been circulating on WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube. Manipulated content shows the presenter. Jornal Nacional, Renata Vasconcelos shows incorrect data in the latest poll on voting intent.

The video shows Vasconcelos presenting a fake poll, with President Jair Bolsonaro leading the poll with 44 percent. Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is in second place with 32%. However, actual research is the opposite of that.

real information

Fact: Lula is in first place with 44% and Bolsonaro is in second place with 32%. Data are from the most recent survey conducted by Ipec. Accurate details were shown in Jornal Nacional and a program capture was used to falsify the information.

According to information received from Uol, TV Globo was contacted to comment on the situation and the video was confirmed to be untrue. In addition, the broadcaster stated that it reported the material to the Ministry of Public Elections (MPE) and the Supreme Election Court (TSE) Election Disinformation Warning System.

Is it really deep fake?

Despite being identified as deep fake by Uol, the video does not appear to use advanced techniques to falsify information. The fake content basically takes a video from Jornal Nacional and replaces the information with simple image edits that can even be done on a mobile phone.

Deepfake techniques often use advanced image processing and artificial intelligence to manipulate sound and appearance. This is what expert Bruno Sartori explains in the video below in an interview with TecMundo in 2021.

Deepfake techniques are already used to manipulate political narratives and have recently gained prominence in Ukraine. During the war against Russia, technology was used to demonstrate the surrender of once President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the United States, several videos have imitated the voices and faces of American politicians such as former President Barack Obama. In 2018, a fake video was also released in Mexico showing President Andrés Manuel Lopes Obrador getting drunk.

Source: Tec Mundo

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