Women, always discriminated against in the profession, victims of stereotypes, destined to receive much lower wages than men, at least had hope. Yes, that of being able to live longer than their partners. This was true until a recent study showed a different truth. A Danish study has shown that one or two Men of the four survived Ladies. In short, it is no longer the case that women live longer than men.

The researchers said women’s survival was analyzed over time in different populations. In reality, sex differences in survival are studied in relation to life expectancy and not years lived. Here are two different concepts: one is thelife expectancythe other is the actual one survival. The study relied on statistics to examine gender differences in deaths between 199 people over the course of 200 years.

Next, several tables on longevity and gender differences were reviewed. 41 countries in the database were considered along with other data. Men who outlive women according to the education level and the marital status. This is done using US national statistics on deaths and population numbers. Here are the results obtained from the study. Since 1850, the chance of men outliving women has changed between 25 and 50%.

However, in developed countries, the odds of men outliving women declined until the 1970s. Thereafter, it gradually increased in all populations. To confirm that married men with a degree are more favored than unmarried women with only a high school diploma. Men seem to have one too more stable relationship than women.

Source: Lega Nerd

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