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Friday, June 21, 2024
Home Hot News Apple loses its first position as the leader of the global smartphone...

Apple loses its first position as the leader of the global smartphone market


This start of the year is especially difficult for large companies, and Apple hasn’t been spared a strange surprise either. The war in Ukraine, new closures in China, global inflation… all this adds up and led to an 11% drop in smartphone shipments.

We have already seen this recently with another case, the big drop that Netflix experienced (apart from platform changes) in this first quarter.

well, currently Apple owns 18% of the mobile phone market.which, while higher than last year (15%), is lower than Samsung’s (24%) and represents a decline from the 22% share it had in the fourth quarter.

And the fact is that both companies have released high-demand phones, which helped them to expand their market shares. while the other three in the Top 5 fell slightly.

We leave you a table prepared by Canalys so that you can take a look at the different values.

The rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant, the uncertainty surrounding the war between Russia and Ukraine, the shutdown of China and the threat of inflation have clouded the numbers for an already weak period, the analyst said.

Apple’s loss became Samsung’s acquisition. The latter has capitalized on the launch of its incredible A-series models that compete fiercely in the low to mid price segment. The company has also updated its 2022 portfolio, including the flagship Galaxy S22 series, which we reviewed on ComputerHoy.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

As for the third position, Xiaomi and the fourth, OPPO, “They continue to suffer from low-level supply shortages and their global expansion is being held back by a slowdown in their market growth.” Canalis said. The relatively high performance of Xiaomi is attributed to the popular Redmi Note series.

The Canalys report ends with hope for the future: “The good news is that painful component shortages may resolve sooner than expected, which will certainly help ease cost pressures.”

Source: Computer Hoy

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