Sometimes it’s helpful to turn your screen a quarter turn. In Windows 10, as well as Windows 11, you can rotate your screen via keyboard shortcuts or your computer’s settings.

Rotate screen in Windows

Hotkeys – Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys or Ctrl+Alt+2/4/6/8 (Num Lock off) on your alphanumeric keyboard.

Menu – Home / Settings / System / Display / Screen orientation / Landscape or Portrait

By default, we always place our screens in landscape mode, meaning the top and bottom are taller than the left and right sides. That’s how television works, that’s how screens work. But this is not necessary at all. For example, if you find it more comfortable to hang your screen in portrait mode because you have to watch vertical videos of your aunt on your screen all the time, this is possible. Windows 10 has a built-in option to tilt your screen.

Tilting your screen is also useful for practical purposes. For example, if you’re programming, it’s nice to have as many lines of code as possible in the view. Especially if the lines aren’t usually that long. You can also select an oblique view as a secondary screen. For example, to see news headlines clearly or for long documents.

Four screenshots

Two screens in a row? Why don’t you just bend one?

tilt the screen

To tilt the screen, or at least its content Beginning and then Settings† Click in the pop-up window system and then view† You now see the various screens you have connected with numbers on them. You can now specify the orientation of each screen separately by clicking on the number of the relevant screen. If, like us, you only have one screen (of course, we all work with a single screen and VR glasses), the correct screen is automatically selected. Search option now display mode and change view in on foot (reflected or not). Don’t worry, the option isn’t enabled yet, it won’t be until you click it To apply

If you want to tilt the desktop in Windows 11, you can do so by going to in the Settings app. system to go to the menu view† below scale and layout You can adjust the text size and screen resolution, as well as the screen orientation.


As with almost all settings in Windows, there are also hotkeys for screen orientation. But it’s a bit complicated because the combinations come from video card manufacturers, not Microsoft. So, if you can use a hotkey, the hotkey depends on the setup. For Intel cards use Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Keys, but it’s already getting harder with Nvidia and AMD. If your keyboard has an alphanumeric section, Ctrl+Alt+2/4/6/8 to use. Make sure Num Lock is turned off. Some video cards do not allow you to rotate the screen at all. So it’s about trying. The key combination can also work in Windows 11, by the way.


There is also the option to mirror the screen orientation both horizontally and vertically. Note: If you want to try this for fun, you’ll find that the way your mouse works of course will change so you can move upwards, suddenly left, etc. But don’t worry, if you don’t click confirm, the direction will revert after a few seconds.

By the way, playing with colleagues also works as a joke.

Looking for the best settings for your screen? In another, these display settings are discussed in detail. This way you can easily adjust the size of icons and Windows items to your eyes. Optimizing the display of text is also easy.

Is your monitor no longer displaying the image properly? There could be several reasons for this. Here we give some tips to solve the problem.

Tilt your Mac’s screen

This article discusses how to tilt your screen in Windows 10, but somehow you asked this article how to rotate your Mac’s screen: On Mac, search for: System Preferences and click images and then View. In the drop-down menu, rotate or rotation and then you can rotate your screen as you want. If the pop-up menu is not displayed, this feature is not supported by the display or computer.

Source: Computer Totaal

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