Israeli physicists have developed a magnificent demonstrator that light has a wave composition. Experiments carried out on the passage of light through fine foams and in the process poured over a visage masterpiece, to the last. It is notable for the fact that light cannot actually escape from the border of the film, and therefore considers itself a liquid, spreading along the rivers with the discovery of answers.

The key point is that you need to choose a soap solution that will be sable and motionless itself. Then a thin beam of light from the local area is focused on it, which, due to the inhomogeneous structure of the soap film, cannot fly through it. At the same time unevenly it can not lose the plane of the film and seep slowly.

For advanced training, a dye was added to the soap solution. They saw how the light spread over the film like water on dry ground, bending around bumps and splitting into streams, then merging again. Such collections of light appear brighter, but this is not strictly a rule – it all depends on the mutual repetition of different waves of light in rare streams. Therefore, each time the picture turns out different and bewitchingly beautiful.

river of light

Source: Tech Cult

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