InMotion has launched an ad for the new Unicle V13 Challenger, which is positioned as the world’s fastest single-wheeled vehicle. Its theoretical maximum growth speed is 140 km / h, but the reality is more prosaic – depending on the mass of the rider and the condition of the road, the speed does not exceed 90 km / h. But it’s more than delivered

The design of the unitl limits the number of components that can be installed on it to the limit. In fact, this is a wheel with a power of 10 kW and a torque of 300 Nm, which has a good p. A full charge of the battery is enough for about 200 codes, and the action

Unicycle InMotion Challenger

Interestingly, the plan specifically says the V13 Challenger repents that here it is possible to adjust the suspension and pedals for the Sabar? This gives a lot of new emotions and impressions when driving off-road, and also adds injuries. The InMotion unicycle is expected to retail for $3,999.

Unicycle InMotion Challenger

Source: Tech Cult

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