Twitter is taking a new step to end trolls and bots, is that enough?

One of the biggest problems the social network has excitement the lack of the best possible control over what is behind each account. And that’s a big problem for many. It seems that the company is working on a new way to move forward in this department… but the truth is there are many doubts about its effectiveness on paper.

Unfortunately, how many of these on Twitter boots quite a lot and not to mention trolls This flooding Twitter gives those who want to share their thoughts with others a bad time (for example). To date, the efforts of the social network have not been very reliable in achieving this, and an example is verified accounts with a corresponding blue icon. Therefore, it is clear that they should. do something to keep the platform a little cleaner.

This is what Twitter is working on

As seen in the social network itself (we leave an example after this paragraph), their idea is to review the information of social networks. phone number that the user has and performs a validation (everything shows this in two steps), to perform a fact check. This could perhaps have an appropriate effect with bots – as many duplicate tricks are spoofed – but things can go very differently with trolls.

We say this because a verification has already been done using the respective smartphone to get the verified account token. Therefore, not nothing more has been added what has already been done – at least on paper. It remains to be seen if there are any additional protocols that allow authentication of the terminal itself, but if so it will be necessary to see how. All in all, the first impression isn’t very positive (though of course these are the first data we have on this subject and everything can change).

How to see if you have an account with a verified phone?

For this, the user’s profile will be used again. an icon in the form of shield this will show that a phone number verification has been done. So, with a simple inspection, anyone will be able to find out if the account is trustworthy (anything you can have on a social network like Twitter, of course). this is positive the company strives It may be more appropriate to keep your internet space as clean as possible, but to be much more aggressive in the measures to be taken – even if it can involve multiple users in battle.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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