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If you have problems with Orange, Simyo or Jazztel mobile coverage, this is not your smartphone, this is a general incident


How can we read on Twitter, orange data network down throughout the morning and deprived thousands of users of the opportunity to communicate across the country.

This incident that started happening around 11 am and that he is still activeaffected users across the country and prevented the use of mobile data for any task.

This failure affected not only Orange, but also users Simyo and Jaztel, as we can see well in social networks.

Also, as several users have reported, it’s notjust a data network fell, but the signal is the same and even stationary in some parts of the country.

These comments and areas affected can be found by searching Twitter. “simo data” or “Autumn Jazzel”where a large number of users report their problems.

We don’t know if these widespread recessions have anything in common or if they are caused by completely different causes in different companies. If you are one of those users who are having problems, you should be aware of social networks of them, preferably Twitter, to know when they are resolved.

It is possible that these types of falls are due to infrastructure improvement what the companies are doing, such as the inclusion of the 700 MHz band that Orange recently announced.

Below we share the social networks of all companies so that you can keep up to date with everything:

We hope that all these problems will be resolved in the near future, and although in our case we have no problems with the data networkin Orange, it could be for many reasons, such as the fact that there are no such incidents in the 5G network.

Source: Computer Hoy

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