Nutritionist Lauren Manaker shared a few secrets for choosing the right watermelon.

  1. pay attention to the color. Yes, the watermelon itself should be green but you have to find something else. One of the signs of a ripe watermelon is a yellowish spot. And it should not be almost orange or sunflower yellow. Ideally, it should be a butter yellow color.

  2. See where the watermelon is. It should not be located near the banana, because the latter emits ethylene gas, which causes watermelons to spoil faster.

  1. Don’t get hung up on the lines. In fact, there are varieties of watermelon that have very thick stripes or none at all.

  2. Do not rely on watermelon stems. The fact is that watermelon stalks do not always break off the vine along with the fruits. Therefore, a dried stalk does not always indicate the ripeness of a watermelon.

  3. Get ready for nature’s surprises. Even if you follow all the rules, nature can still deceive you.

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Source: Ferra

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