A team of experts from Israel has made a curious discovery about the wild wheat. It activates a certain defense mechanism against: insects give birth to some kind of poison. The most harmful insect for wheat is theaphid. It is a small insect that feeds on the same nutrients by injecting a virus into the plant.

Wild wheat seems to have made two mechanisms of defense. Fortunately, wildlife has natural self-defense to fight the insect. The first is a layer of hair that cannot burrow exactly into the stem of the plant. The other is the production of some kind of poison, the benzoxazin preventing the aphid from absorbing the plant’s nutrients. The study isolated the gene behind the production of the venom.

The research was done precisely to enable the cultivated wheat to defend itself and discover its peculiarities from a genetic point of view. In fact, the cultivated ones do not have the natural defenses of the wild. Wheat is very old, the track originated thousands of years ago. It was discovered thanks to an international team that was able to analyze and sort the grain of ancient Egypt. So a meal from to protectuseful for many living things.

Source: Lega Nerd

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