The public sector will increase spending on Russian-made software by 3.4 times by 2024, the Ministry of Digital Development has forecast. At that point, up to 80% of all industry spending on software will go to home solutions.

The public sector will increase spending on Russian software 3.4 times by 2024

Mintsifra’s forecast is reflected in the report, which was reviewed by Kommersant.

In relation to the period 2019-2021, state spending on software developed in Russia will increase 3.4 times by 2024. In rubles, this is 650 billion rubles, which will be about 80% of all sector spending on software for the period from 2021 to 2024, which is estimated at 934 billion rubles.

Demand for Russian software from public sector representatives has already increased tenfold, software vendors told the newspaper. More than others in home software are interested in financial institutions and companies in the fuel and energy sector.

This year, many foreign software companies have left the Russian market, including Microsoft, which has started to reduce its business in the country, as well as Autodesk, which plans to liquidate its legal entity in the Russian Federation.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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