One NGO located in the Russian Federation has developed a rather interesting industrial robotic installation that can sort goods, move or transfer products, as well as other works that operate in conjunction with a person.

Currently, robots installed at industrial facilities, as a rule, are autonomous and do not in any way control the presence of people next to them, and therefore such equipment is fenced for the safety of personnel.

However, the new one, called a collaborative robot, can meet with humans to work together in a shared environment of workers or trainees without having to stop production. This was observed by the “technical point of view system” that the robot received.

It also takes place that this robot has a special detection, thanks to which it became possible to combine the installed capture modules in the performance of specific tasks of a narrow focus.

An industrial robot working with a person has been created in Russia

This can greatly reduce the manufacturer’s costs of acquiring ancillary equipment, as well as the time spent on its consumption and programming of the entire production line, which in turn will reduce the installation on a new product line.

In addition, it is reported that almost this price of the robot is 20% lower than a similar technological process, and part of a wide range of services performed at Russian enterprises, which will greatly simplify the maintenance process. robots.

Source: Tech Cult

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