Gradually, all is known about the influence of communities on the messaging app. What’s up?. One of the inevitable is that placing it on the home screen means something has to disappear, and the choice is access to the camera. But this does not mean that from what is known, the possibility of accessing this place in practice has come to a better life.

It is true that at the moment it is possible to enter the user interface of the application from different parts of WhatsApp. camera, both for taking pictures and editing the resulting. However, it is equally true that many users are accustomed to accessing the place in question with a simple gesture on the home screen. Therefore developers The company tried to avoid all disappearance.

New place to access camera in WhatsApp

Well, according to an image shared and obtained since the last test version of the app Android (la, it was possible to see on the screen where the camera was previously on the left – and that place will soon be occupied by the communities. icon in the top right will allow access to the camera in the app. It’s not the same, but it’s not a bad idea at all.

New camera access location in WhatsApp


That way, pressing it will perform the same action as before, but with this change there is something that will inevitably disappear: gestures to access the camera in a more intuitive (and slightly more comfortable) way. It’s a pity, but considering that few people think that all traces of the camera will be erased from the screen we are talking about, a solution that will convince everyone sooner or later is not a bad solution at all.

The arrival of this new place

i know well It will happen at the same time that WhatsApp communities are official, something that is expected to happen in just a few months (but no confirmation about it). Currently the screen is only available in the test version for Android and doesn’t even work for those who have already tested the communities.

Obviously, the distribution will be for both the aforementioned OS and iOS, as the company has a lot going for it. interest a new feature for users to share their concerns. success. This is because it is essential to compete with Telegram and be more social – something totally vital in these times.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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