Media Markt back down. The withdrawal from the sale of the DJI Drones had a very short lifespan, all products of the Chinese company are available again in the catalogs of the group’s chains, from Mediaworld and Saturn

MediaMarkt had decided to stop selling DJI’s products due to the Chinese company’s ambiguous stance on the conflict in Ukraine. It turned out that the Russian military was using the Chinese company’s drones for reconnaissance activities, including using aeroscopealso a DJI software, to identify and shoot down the drones used by Ukrainian soldiers.

It is clear that MediaMarkt and DJI have in the meantime managed to find a common position, with the latter reassuring the former about its role in the conflict in Ukraine At the time, DJI had fiercely challenged reports that it had a collaborative role with Russia, claiming to be a company specializing solely in the production of products for civilian and non-war use.

But the disputes over the DJI continue: In the US, the Chinese company has been included in a White House block list, which is challenging its cooperative relationship with the Beijing government and, in particular, the production of drones used for biometric surveillance.

Source: Lega Nerd

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