VK Play has launched a new streaming platform VK Play Live in beta testing. Streamers can request to participate in the trial version on the page of the site itself. The commission will be 10% for all paid subscriptions.

VK Play launched a platform for streaming

Now in VK Play Live you can broadcast live, watch and stream in 4k quality, chat, create paid subscriptions to the streamer’s channel from 10 rubles and more, and more.

The team at DonationAlerts, a Russian streaming monetization service, was involved in the development of the service, so the platform integrates natively with DonationAlerts tools.

VK Play was launched on April 25. Now the site features a catalog of 13,000 games, cloud gaming, streaming, and esports. In the future, it is planned to launch its own media about the gaming industry, integration with social networks.


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