A handy but also elegant device that keep an eye on your health. A jewel suitable for any occasion and a tool that can control the chemicals in the wearer’s sweat. This is the “smart” chain. Some engineers have proved that this instrument can measure the concentration of sodium, potassium, glucose and hydrogen. It is almost 98.9% accurate measurement.

The study included patients who underwent a 30-minute session of: indoor cycling. After a 15 minute break made from sugary drinks based rehydration. Hence, here is the levels of sugar in sweat they increased. The “smart” chain was able to use the . to detectelevation. The device was able to closely monitor levels of sugar and other important chemicals.

The necklace is made of a buckle and a pendant. The last one on the back has a biochemical sensor which, in contact with the neck, analyzes various other parameters via sweat. Valid biomarkers can be found in many different conditions such as infections or diseases and also in tears, sweat, saline and urine. Today the jewel is only one prototype and it takes a while to see it applied. Further in-depth studies are needed. Such sensors can also be used in the future to measure parameters such as: glycemia. A way to improve the lives of nearly 400 million people with diabetes around the world.

Source: Lega Nerd

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