Analysts of the SuperJob job search service conducted a survey among Russians to find out among the representatives of which professions the most beautiful men and women are found. Respondents are sure that the most attractive people work as actors and actresses.

Studio: Actor is the profession with the most beautiful employees

One in five (20%) of the study participants believe that the majority of handsome men are acting. Actresses are considered the most attractive by an even larger number of Russians – 23% of respondents.

Also, according to the respondents, there are many handsome men among the military (8%) and athletes (6%). One in twenty people (5%) said that many attractive men work in the medical field, 4% work as physical trainers.

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7% of those surveyed answered that there are handsome men in all professions. 13% of Russians think that there are beautiful employees in all fields.

Every tenth (10%) considers that female doctors are the most beautiful, 9%, stewardesses, and 6% are sure that the most attractive women go to work as secretaries.

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Ahmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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