Of course, in some cases you had to change the language. What’s up? and, this, you couldn’t. In addition. Now from the company owned by Meta, they are taking the necessary steps so that this is not the case and if you wish, you can change this parameter when using the messaging application.

The reason why the change could not be made so far is that, like many devices used on mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets), the development language selected by default in terminal. Therefore, the possibility of using a different one has not been offered so far. And this is an excellent possibility, because a personalization it is much more tailored to what users may need.

The truth is that this option has been in demand for a long time because sometimes being able to do it is quite important, for example a device one of the work non spanish language and therefore being able to use WhatsApp without touching anything in settings can be vital.

You can now use language change in WhatsApp

The company has started to release the relevant update. Android (Nothing on iOS at the moment). However, yes, only in the trial version of the app. So you should use this to be able to choose the language you want to use the app in. It is important to note that in order to access the said tool in it. Settings There are no major restrictions on the version of WhatsApp – Google’s operating system (and an example is that it runs on Android 12 without the slightest problem).

Language selection in WhatsApp application


Meanwhile, that number of languages including a lot important, because none of those used in countries where this messaging service is available are missing. So if you want to try the app, it has many possibilities to entertain you – but be careful with the change so that you don’t understand anything later and can redo what you changed.

Arrival date soon for all

Well, if we take into account the functioning of this new WhatsApp function, the normal thing is, at most a month The choice of language for the application is a reality for everyone and on different operating systems where the application client is available. So, if you have a smartphone in Chinese or a tablet in English, this new tool will definitely be very useful for you.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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