Yudi seriously intentionally colonizes other worlds, iars may be the first, debet is founded by a poe However, there is a problem with providing the colonists with food. You can solve it by sending products from Earth or growing them directly on the Red Planet. The first method is not beneficial for the economy, not only to reduce the cost of providing, but also to provide increased sensitivity to the expected Martian cities.

Scientists are persistently looking for opportunities to deploy the agricultural industry on Mars. In priori, certain conditions and conditions of absence of water and eutrophic minerals in the VEUNT decrease. Researchers from NASA are returning in a slightly different way. He repents in the preliminary preparation of the Soil and the union of its subsistence for the purpose of the sowing ball ktur, with Eve. The optimal first p of mars can be WEIGHT

radishRadishes grown in an analogue of the Martian region with alfalfa as

Your use of predotovac Laboratory tests, codes of imitarofulorths of the composition of vaan soil, proven to be viable marsh

Source: Tech Cult

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