Like many here, I am looking forward to September 7th. But I’m looking forward to more.

I think it’s discussed there. iPhone 14 Max (or iPhone 14 Plus) – most successful Apple smartphone in recent years. It is the opposite of the almost extinct iPhone mini in every way, and especially in large numbers.

I explain why this model will perform better than all the others in 2022 and 2023. And why the success of the iPhone 14 Max should be the main driver of iPhone sales as an Apple product category in quarterly reports.

What will the iPhone 14 Max be like?

Since the spring of 2022, we have been organizing the visualization of the iPhone 14 Max.

It will be a smartphone with a display diagonal of 6.7 inches and a coverage of 2778 by 1284 reflections, just like in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. A 4325 mAh battery was installed in the novelty, the same as in last year’s valve. That is large screen and long battery life.

In all other respects, it will repeat the iPhone 14. the most coveted of the entire generation, eclipsing even the Pro series in sales.

The new “max” puts almost all the checkboxes in the checklist of mass consumption. Because everyone wants a capacious battery. Almost everyone wants a big screen. And few people want to overpay third or more prices for the right to own, with the exception of two “features”.

To the point:

► What to expect from iPhone 14. Specifications, design and price

Everything we know about the iPhone 14 to date does not inspire confidence in its upcoming popularity. In the observed situation, a more powerful factor is needed than minimal differences in specifications and a different shape of the notch in the screen.

The situation in the world, frankly, so-so.

Sales of technology in the world are falling, the demand for smartphones is falling

The problem of capitalism is the distribution of publicly traded companies – yearly yearly, strong growth in front of millions of shareholders and detailed reporting is published. This upward rally cannot continue indefinitely, but this is the goal that virtually all market giants, including Apple, have.

The pandemic years have given many gadget makers a new growth point – a chance to make a lot of money from panic, uncertainty and the need to work from home. But that crisis faded in 2022, becoming just broad, chronic risk factors. And the peaks and records of sales achieved thanks to covid now cast a shadow over the past and future for everyone in the industry.

Let me remind you that for smartphones it was a sad arrest before the pandemic. All studies have shown a slowdown in the pace of sales and the achievement of interest in the technological superiority of products. Quality is getting cheaper: it is becoming more and more averaged over the central price segment, crushing with a load of unrealizable expectations in three, four, five times more powerful models.

And problems in China, natural and geopolitical cataclysms slow down the progress of technology both at the fundamental level and in production.

In the end we expect boring iPhone 14. It will run on virtually the same processor as the iPhone 13. It is strange to think that Apple would have abandoned such a sales driver on its own, without considering risk factors. Satellite support is too big to generate interest—too soon, geeks and techies have always been a minority of the gigantic iPhone sales.

Due to the absence and still identification of other negative factors (for example, the legendary media coverage of successes and failures), Apple faces an important task for the next 12 months: to cause a popular collection of the new iPhone, as in the “good old days.” That is no worse than last year.

Therefore, the company turned to the lessons of success laid down once by their worst competitors – that is, Samsung.

Big smartphones sell better and size matters

People love a big smartphone. Tons of research related to user research. At the same time, as most devices in the public domain become smaller and faster, the same high density demands a device with a large number. The Android market, expected by the masses, will not deliver.

Samsung once rose up, preinstalled smartphone users with giant screens. Apple eventually gave up and went that route successfully as well.

But in recent years, the most desirable parameter has become the prerogative of the most expensive models. Apple encouraged those who would be happy with the base model of the iPhone generation to pay extra, only withaboutlarge display.

World inflation, rising prices for fuel and products of influence on the whole world are more critical to technological overconsumption. Selling ultra-expensive smartphones has been extremely difficult for several years now. And then there’s the possibility that the price of the iPhone 14 has loomed…

The cure for the next three financial quarters will be the iPhone 14 Max, which offers the consumer critical parameters relative to the regular price. The big screen and long battery life overshadow the presence of a significant increase in performance.

Shortly speaking, iPhone 14 Max is the main iPhone of the new line. It is on him that the burden of pulling Apple out of the shocks of stagnation and the serious problems of the high-tech market will fall.

The time of small smartphones is gone and will not return

Speaking about the iPhone 14 Max, it is worth remembering about the iPhone mini. Starting with the iPhone 14, the company seems to be off the smaller iPhone models for at least the next couple of years. Perhaps forever.

iPhone mini was a successful device that closed an empty market niche. Apple miscalculated in only one thing: parameter this niche. Very few people wanted to buy in reality, and most of them he held in the group, which is less noteworthy for the influence of technomarketing. They are so happy with the mini that they are not available for a smartphone without problems for many years. In the short term, these are disposable clients. And there are very few of them.

Everything else about failure (you can’t say otherwise) iPhone mini has already been painted in sales in the article. Apple’s lesson for the next 5 years: listen less to the noisy minority on the Internet.

A huge number of “miniks” have not yet been sold both in other countries and even in Russia. The lack of new generation capabilities allows for some time to remain on the market almost without a beautiful price. Perhaps 13 mini, even on sale on the official website. Or it will return later, but already as the iPhone SE 4, historically freed from the burden of high expectations of observers and users.

Will you take the iPhone 14 Max?

The changed situation in the world, in application (this is still mild), imposes restrictions on the availability of new Apple devices in Russia.

The parallel delivery of the iPhone 14 is worth waiting for a month and a half after the start of sales in Europe, and the prices will not spare anyone. We will talk about them in the next article. But you can buy new iPhones and they won’t disappear anywhere. followed by a simple question, just like in the title:

Pick up iPhone 14 Max (14 Plus) Will it be?
  • Yes

  • More likely yes than no – we’ll see

  • No, I’ll take another iPhone 14

  • No, I will not take the iPhone 14 at all

13% Yes

16% More likely yes than no – we’ll see

24% No, I’ll take another iPhone 14

47% No, I will not take the iPhone 14 at all

840 voted

Personally, I’m looking forward to the iPhone 14 Max more than the Pro, and this is the first time I’ve had it in five years. It started with the iPhone 7, I only wanted (and was interested in) the consumption of fuel iPhones, because I was used to a large screen and “survivable” batteries.

It seems that now it will be possible to simply die for what is important to me. And buy the iPhone 14 Max. Aren’t others like me?

Source: Iphones RU

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