If you have an account to access content available on the platform filmyou’re definitely looking forward to hearing about what’s new for the next month. september 2022. And as always, the company preferred the most non-commercial, but undoubted quality options.

Probably the best thing to come to VOD service is the movie instinctAvailable from September 15. In it, you will discover how someone with a lot of experience can put an end to mistakes that are supposed to be perfectly crafted. This highly sexual drama is the most engaging (and even award-winning).

The rest of the movie starts in September 2022

We leave you the list you can see. TV series, movies and documentaries It will be broadcast for the first time on this platform, which has a large number of subscribers looking for very non-commercial options, especially to enjoy the television you already have in your living room.


  • control room: Premiere on September 6th. A thriller that tells the story of an emergency room worker whose life is changed forever by a call from the past.
  • we are who we are: Premiere on September 13. It’s the story of what it’s like when adolescence ends and the problems that arise especially for the protagonists who are far from home.
  • all you want: The September 23 premiere of the first two seasons. A social story of how many gay men who want to break the stereotypes of the city spend it: Berlin.
  • royal secret: Premiere on September 27. Based on true events and set in the 30s, the story depicts a restorer’s relationship with King Gustaf V of Sweden. The interesting thing is, everything is done to end it at any cost.


  • New World: Premiere on September 2. A life story of a man who left everything for business, including his family. It ends with realizing what he has done and begins a quest to clarify whether what he did was a success or a big mistake.
  • Everyone hates Johan: It will be released on September 9th. Interesting account of how a socially maladjusted person ends up showing a face that few people suspect he has, which gradually led to his acceptance in his hometown.
  • Costa Brava, Lebanon: Premiere on September 16. It’s a beautiful film that tells the story of people who have reached Film and resisted being swallowed up by capitalism, but for whom it is very difficult to survive..
  • lesson: Premiere on September 20. Film showing how uncontrolled political debate can lead to unexpected extremes. So much so that even society comes to the surface.
  • West: Premiere on September 23. The drama about how the life of influencers can be, which isn’t always as rosy as many think.
  • you should come and see: Premiere on September 23. It talks about the reunion of friends and how relationships can be maintained effortlessly and are decisive factors.
  • just to remember: Premiere on September 23. A narrative introspection of a couple’s story told from start to finish. It’s a great display of what living together can be like.


  • year of discovery: Premiere on September 1.
  • fake criminal: Premiere on September 2.
  • The impostor Oswald: Premiere on September 30

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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