Platform youtube musicCompeting face to face with Spotify is one of the most interesting on the market right now. Well, a very striking innovation has emerged that Google itself has just announced and that many users will definitely like. We tell you what happened.

this has to do with it Suggestions offered on the platform, which has been pretty good so far and adds a good utility when it comes to discovering new content. The truth is that the company has decided to be a lot less aggressive about the privacy of users using YouTube Music, which is always good news.

Big news coming soon to YouTube

Until now, development has used precise location to know exactly where each person is, but that will no longer be the case. According to a statement from the Mountain View company, the situation will be changed to protect certain user information. Of course, you won’t lose the option to access the location, although not for sure you don’t know if you’re at the gym or the mall. On the contrary, it will be possible to detect the country where YouTube Music is used.

YouTube logo on mobile


In this way, the platform will be able to recommend the most striking listings of the country in question, but little in terms of location. Is this a fact? True yes. This is because the service includes other ways to know what each likes, such as the songs you have. lists self or icon activated I like. And always to discover what’s new activity bar at the top of the application interface.

Another good news from Google

This also includes YouTube Music and again user privacy is highly preferred. Thus, the company expects that there will be fewer permit requests and, perhaps more importantly, all data collected by location (and henceforth known) will be deleted Not keeping dates. The truth is that this is a very important decision and needs to be evaluated very positively.

Meanwhile, Google has confirmed from what day YouTube Music will start working this way. And the truth is that it will happen much sooner than expected: September 26, 2022 There will be a time when the app will stop using location accurately and also continue to delete history. In other words, everything is just around the corner.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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