Free books for 3 months only with this condition

Book eaters are lucky because Amazon gives you 90 days of unlimited reading.

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There are those who love to read in life, and there are also those who do not spend a spare moment without or without a book. any reading you have. This offer from Amazon Your 3-month unlimited reading service Kindle Unlimited with purchase of Kindle Paperwhite Low price and that all intrusive ads have been removed for 124.99 euros.

The ad-free price of this model is usually 149.99 Euros, and the Kindle Unlimited service costs 9.99 Euros per month. So, to do some simple calculations with this quote you save about 55 euros. If you want the model with ads, the final price will be 114.99 Euros (including 3 months Kindle Unlimited).

Kindle Paperwhite + Kindle Unlimited (Ad-Free)

Kindle Paperwhite + Kindle Unlimited (ad supported)

Get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited and premium Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite

Reading on Kindle Paperwhite is great and very comfortable

One of the best ebook readers getting closer than ever and gift included. Sometimes Amazon gives us this type of offer, but usually for a few days. We caught the first ten today so you can too. take advantage as soon as possible. Kindle Paperwhite is a premium eReader. 8GB internal memory a place where you can integrate lots of books, magazines and various personal readings to read for months.

Be careful, because there are two versions of the Kindle on Amazon (with and without ads), anyway, if you buy the version with ads, which is not as modest as some say, you can get rid of it after a while if you want, for an extra fee. 10 euros. This is a Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 inch anti-glare, anti-fingerprint display and its body has a density of 300 pixels per inch waterproof (IPX8). Screen glass covers the entire facadebut this dust or sand does not stay in inaccessible places.

With Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Unlimited you don’t need more, you have millions of free books.

you will have 3 months of unlimited book and magazine reading If you get the Kindle Paperwhite this week. With a single charge for you USB-C port you will have for More than 10 weeks of use (2 and a half months), crazy. The screen on this Kindle has dimmable built-in lighting and Allows you to read in the dark without hurting your eyes turning the screen to more yellowish tones and pleasing to the eye.

Kindle Paperwhite + Kindle Unlimited (Ad-Free)

Kindle Paperwhite + Kindle Unlimited (ad supported)

Kindle Paperwhite is an environmentally friendly device. It’s made from 60% recycled plastic, its packaging is 95% recycled cardboard, and thanks to Amazon building new wind and solar power plants, we’ll be there for you with your purchases. contribute to more clean energy on the planet.

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