ALL Airlines is one of the most popular credit cards in Russia. Everyone I know, she got it. And now you can get ALL Airlines with service forever if you follow our link.

Apply for an ALL Airlines credit card during the period before September 11 and get free service forever. It usually costs 1890 rubles in year.

I don’t like credit cards, but I also ordered ALL Airlines to understand why all my colleagues have them. Moreover, now such an action has been announced.

See what benefits the card has. Found out if it would work for me. And they also calculated which tickets can be compensated for points. Now I’ll tell you.

What is ALL Airlines? How is it different from a simple credit card?

ALL Airlines – a Tinkoff bank credit card that allows you to earn “miles” (roughly speaking, bonuses) for purchases and travel-related expenses. 1 mile is always equal to 1 ruble.

The main thing: ALL Airlines is probably completely reimburse airfare with accumulated miles. When paying with a card within 30 months, you get at least one flight for free.

From conventional credit cards, including those from Tinkoff Platinum, ALL Airlines also includes cashback categories. Everything related to visits in one way or another increased cashback miles.

Why I bypassed credit cards on the side, but decided to try

It so happened that I do not like loans and do not take. At the same time, colleagues constantly do not complain.

First, bribed free service by share. Paying almost 2 amounts annually, I would not want for a credit card, which I do not need a limit. But now it’s not necessary – neither for me, nor for you, if you have time to issue a card now using this link.

Secondly, profitable cashbacks with miles for travel expenses. Just this summer, travel around Russia was in trend. I have visited several cities myself. Satisfied with my debit cards, but their cashbacks were not even close compared to ALL Airlines.

On trips, a decent amount is always spent on food, bars, excursions, transport and so on. If you can get an increased cashback for all this, then why not try it?

Thirdly, an ALL Airlines credit card can be use as a debit card. Put the amount in excess of the credit limit – and use it without any restrictions, receiving a branded increased cashback. In this scenario, there is no need to be afraid that in a sudden case there will not be enough money to purchase a purchase. It turns out a conscious, comfortable overdraft, available at any time.

Finally, grace period lasts 55 days. During this time, no interest will be charged on expenses within the credit limit. It’s like borrowing from a bank with little or no commitment. The main thing is to remain financially responsible and replenish your credit card on time. The favorable Tinkoff application will remind you of this in advance. Yes, and 55 days is about a month and a half, you will definitely have time.

Example: where you can fly for free when checking your ticket with ALL Airlines miles

ALL Airlines miles accrual calculator on the Tinkoff website.

To begin with, let’s read how many miles you can generally earn per year. Everyone’s expenses are different. Let me show you my situation as an example. You can estimate cashback on the map interactive calculatoravailable on the ALL Airlines page.

It turned out that I will earn about 20 thousand miles a year. Expenses per month can be much more, so 21 thousand years, if not 25 thousand, will even really be. I remind you, 1 mile = 1 ruble.

Now let’s see examples of tickets that I can fully refund using miles. We will calculate according to the prices of the Aviasales air ticket ordering service. Prices are valid for the week of publication of the article.

Departure date October 21st. Departure from Moscow, only open countries, no transfers.

▪ Armenia: 8875 million million
▪ Turkey: 17530 transactions
▪ Egypt: 20940 million million

Great, my millions will definitely be enough for this. It was necessary to pick up the card in advance, of course, in order to save up and fly away right now …

How to earn the most with ALL Airlines

The old design of ALL Airlines against the new. The vertical up-to-date map format is modern and I personally like it better.

generally, you will earn miles with almost all your favorite purchases on the card. The minimum percentage of such cashback is 2%.

Categories sublime cashback is credited for the possibility of the operation:

► 10% of the amount of hotel bookings on Tinkoff Travel or the Tinkoff app

► 10% of the amount for car rental at Tinkoff Travel

► 7% for the purchase of air tickets in Tinkoff Travel

► 2% when buying tickets on the websites of Aeroflot, S7, Pobeda, Utair and Ural Airlines

► 5% for the purchase of railway tickets and tours

A special section in the Tinkoff app allows you to keep abreast of all the best offers.

2% on all purchases from September 1, 2022 (more info)

► 1% of the amount of the purchase of goods and services in the “Payments and transfers” section

up to 30% on purchases under special offers of the bank.

This last category is the most interesting. Almost every day in the Tinkoff Sea application section there are new special offers. These are increased cashbacks for certain purchases and expenses. Today there may be a promotion in a chain store of bags and suitcases. Yesterday they gave cashback for ordering products in a heavy service. And so on.

On average, according to “Special Offers”, I return at least one and a half thousand rubles a month. Sometimes I don’t even know about it. I’m just surprised when I see an unexpectedly large arrival of cassback. In the case of ALL Airlines, all this would “cover” the annual cost of servicing a credit card already in the second month of owning a card.

And for the service, let me remind you, you should not even arise. But this is if you use the action, of course.

Other advantages of the ALL Airlines card

All transfers, the purchase of utilities and other financial things have long been carried out through the Tinkoff application.

The uber-functional Tinkoff app can be safely loaded into the benefits of the card. I have already written about it ten times in articles about my bank card, Tinkoff Black. I consider their program standard and I don’t know what happened to change my mind.

Maximum credit limit on the card — 700 thousand rubles. If the client uses a regular payment on time, the bank can automatically increase its limit. The minimum card payment is individual and depends on the amount. Maximum – 8% of the protected.

Many of Tinkoff’s services are provided free of charge. For example, card delivery throughout Russia, regular card statement, setting up for issuance, replenishment, activation, card blocking, payment reminders, setting up work in your personal account and using a bank.

Approval for a credit card is almost instant, no guarantors and certificates are needed. When I applied online, I waited for confirmation less than minutes (!).

By the way, together with the card they give sickness insurance with coverage up to $50,000. It includes the cost of treatment (including for COVID-19), medicines, transportation to the hospital and home. The insurance is also valid abroad, and gives the right to compensation if something is with luggage during the trip – for example, it is “forgotten” on a connecting flight.

The policy is unlimited and can be renewed every year for free. Usually it costs 6000 rubles.

Once again: how to get ALL Airlines with service forever

Just click the link below.

Checkout Tinkoff ALL Airlines, get free service forever

This promotion works ALL Airlines before September 11. Those who manage to order a card using it receive free credit card service forever.

The card will be delivered free of charge by courier promptly throughout Russia, to your home or office. You will only need a Russian passport.

And even though I accidentally bypassed credit cards, I’ll leave this one. You don’t have to pay. Not much, at first. And I’ll buy a ticket for miles.

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