Russians began to book accommodation in hotels in the Russian Federation on average ten days before arrival. During the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens bought rooms the day they moved out of fear of sudden restrictions. Now tourists fear the lack of quality hotels with the best cost of living in popular destinations.

Tourists began to plan their check-in at hotels in advance

The greatest depth of reserves is now in Kaliningrad – almost 17 days, which is one and a half times higher year on year. In Sochi, the growth was 14%, up to 12 days, in Kazan – 40%, up to 11 days, Kommersant found out.

According to market participants, early check-in planning is due to the negative experience of Russians in 2022, when it was difficult to find free rooms during the season. In addition, now airlines are significantly increasing fares closer to the departure date, which also encourages planning vacations in advance.

The increased depth of bookings also allows hoteliers to adjust rates and plan for costs, the experts add.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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