A new video from the European Space Agency (ESA) has begun to attract the attention of governments, companies and scientists. Duration 12 minutes, ESA warns us of the dangers of space debris in the very near future. In addition, he discusses how countries need to change their approaches to satellite technology if they want it to remain viable in the future.

On the other hand, a group of scientists published an article in the journal Astronomy of nature, calling for environmental protection of outer space. Until now, it has been difficult to attract the attention of the media, governments and companies to the environmental problems of the Earth. However, the problem does not end at the surface of the planetand that the Earth’s orbit is dangerously filled with space debris.

According to the scientists responsible for launching the statement, this can lead to serious consequences. soon; and worse in the long run.

More than 30,000 pieces of space debris have been registered and regularly tracked by space observation networks. As our technology improves, we are discovering more and more unidentified objects. Due to the time between its creation and our observation, it is difficult to trace its origin back to a specific “fragmentation event”.

European Space Agency

The European Space Agency is focusing on a significant increase in the number of satellite launches. In particular, those that form constellations in low orbit. planets. Among them, we can find examples such as Starlink from SpaceX; and Planet Labs Pelicans, which will be released in the next few years.

At the moment there is over 30,000 pieces of space debris floating around the planet. However, this is only a number that is known. Other studies show that more than a million particles larger than a centimeter can orbit the Earth.

The huge problem of space debris

Space debris is another barrier that needs to be overcome in the fight against environmental pollution. However, the problems that go far beyond mere pollutionand can even interfere with the technological progress of mankind, if not dealt with in time.

The biggest problem is related to collisions with space debris. Although in many cases these are particles less than one centimeter in size; space debris is moving at such a speed that a collision with functioning satellites lead to their complete loss.. This event, in turn, creates more debris particles that dissipate in orbit and continue the cycle.

Basura espacial ESA

If we continue like this, we may be affected’Kessler’s syndrome‘, describe Digital Trends. In this situation, there would be so much debris in orbit that it would be impossible to avoid collisions between functioning satellites and debris, making it difficult or impossible to launch new space missions.

According to the researchers in their paper, we should apply the same ground defense optics to space. After all, satellites have become the best ally for the advancement of mankindand to explore our planet. By doing so, we endanger not only public access to the stars, but also “the cultural significance of the sky, as well as the sustainability of commercial, civil and military activities in space,” the scientists comment.

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