Do you often go on vacation with your camper or caravan and want to be able to watch TV at the campsite? Then there are some points to keep in mind. We list them for you.

Caravan or caravan owners can install a television in this way. Usually there is a cabinet or wall on which you can put a modest picture tube. It is important that you buy a suitable television and consider a number of points to consider. For example, do not choose a screen diagonal that is too large.

Choosing the best camping TV

Space in a caravan or motorhome is of course limited, so you’re always close to the view. A 32-inch television in a home is modest in size, but quite large in a trailer. An 18- to 24-inch television is usually large enough.

Also note which TV tuners are included. The more, the better. This prevents you from possibly needing an external TV tuner in the future. If the TV has a DVB-C, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 receiver, you can use it in any direction. It is even more advantageous if the device is equipped with a ci+ socket. You can store a smart card from a TV provider with the help of a ci+ module.

The vast majority of campsites have a lamppost with a blue CEE connection for their guests. With this you get mains electricity at 220 volts as you are used to at home. It’s convenient because your TV doesn’t have to meet certain power requirements.

Have you ever camped in places without mains electricity? In this case it is helpful that the television can also handle 12 volts so you can connect it to a suitable camper or motorhome battery. There are also special converters, but they usually cause high energy consumption.

hanging tv in trailer

To mount the TV on a wall or in a closet, you need a suitable TV mount. Of course, this only applies if you’re traveling with a motorhome or caravan. Caravan or tent owners simply place the TV on the camping table.

When mounting on a wall or cabinet, it is important that the intended TV mount supports the correct vesa standard. It is important that the screw holes on the back of the TV and on the bracket match.

By the way, do not save on buying braces. It’s nice that you can move the picture tube in all directions. Better braces have a solid arm that turns the corner. If the double bed and sitting area are separated by a wall, a flexible arm with several pivot points can serve both areas.

Which bracket is recommended? We think the Novus Sky 10N series is ideally suited.

This expensive bracket has good range, but can mount the TV flat against the wall. Thanks to the locking system, the picture tube is securely fixed while driving. You can also easily detach the TV from the bracket. Then put it on your feet and you can watch your favorite TV shows outside under your awning.

We can also recommend Vogel’s Wall 3245. Vogel’s wall mounts are known to last for years and are perfect for hanging even heavy televisions. The 3245 is available in black and white and can be rotated and tilted. The swivel angle is 180 degrees, which means you can flip the TV to any angle. The bracket can lift a maximum of 20 pounds and is suitable for televisions from 32 inches to 55 inches. Of course you can neatly hide all your cables inside the bracket.

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Once you have a suitable television, you can use the campsite’s television network. Book a campground where the lamppost is equipped with a television hookup. You depend on the broadcast technology at the campsite for the TV signal used. Most campgrounds provide digital cable television.

If your picture tube includes a DVB-C tuner, you can get dozens of digital channels. If the TV set does not have a DVB-C tuner, you will need an external TV tuner. You can buy or rent these at most campgrounds. Finally, some holiday parks provide digital terrestrial television. For this, your television needs a DVB-T2 tuner.

If there is a television connection at your campsite, you must pull a coaxial cable from your site. Always bring your own. Laying the cable with a tent or folding trailer is not that important because you just have to run the cable through a zipper or ventilation grille. There are several options for a caravan or motorhome.

The easiest option is to let the cable come out of the window through a crack. Prefer to close the window completely? In this case it is better to make an extra coaxial connection outside the caravan or caravan.

If you are not resourceful yourself, a dealer with a workshop can do this for you. For example, you can make a coaxial connection at the cee power connection. Usually all you have to do is drill a small hole.

Another option is to install an external outlet with a television connection outside. A variety of suitable wall sockets are available for this.

watch via satellite

If the campsite does not provide a TV connection to its guests, you can alternatively provide the TV signal yourself. There are two methods for this: via satellite or DVB-T2 antenna.

For example, you can mount a satellite dish on the roof or, with a tripod, place it next to your caravan or tent. Note that trees and buildings can negatively affect the signal. Also, buying an obese satellite dish is expensive.

To watch Dutch television you need a subscription to Canal Digitaal and possibly a suitable TV decoder with space for a smart card. The cheapest subscription for vacationers on Canal Digitaal is 16.95 euros per month.

Joyne went bankrupt

Until recently, there was another provider of television subscriptions specifically for the holidays, Joyne. Earlier this year, however, Joyne was declared bankrupt. If you want to continue watching Dutch TV via satellite, you can only do so via Canal Digitaal. There have been reports from Canal Digitaal that the required CI+ modules are not ready, partly due to the transfer of thousands of former Joyne subscribers. That is why it is recommended to purchase such a module a few months before going on vacation.

If your TV has a built-in DVB-S2 tuner, you probably don’t need an external TV decoder. Connect the dish directly to the device and use the ci+ module of the TV provider to insert the smart card into the TV. This way you watch television without the intervention of a receiver. It also saves an extra remote control.

As a result, watching TV via satellite is a serious expense. It is therefore worth exploring other options. Are you using a satellite dish without a Canal Digital subscription? In this case, only all non-encrypted channels can be used, such as BVN (Beste of Flanders and the Netherlands) and any foreign channels.

watch with dvb-t2 tuner

In addition to a satellite dish, it is also possible to receive an over-the-air digital TV signal with a dvb-t2 tuner. Finally, let’s take a look at this. One condition is that you connect a suitable antenna to the television.

By the way, an indoor antenna is already available for a few euros. DVB-T2 outdoor antennas are also available for better range. For example, you can attach it to the roof with a suction cup.

In the Netherlands you can only get the general channels (NPO 1, 2 and 3) and the regional broadcaster for free on dvb-t2. Other channels are encrypted. Want a complete package of thirty channels at the campground? In this case you need a Digitenne subscription. It costs 18 euros per month. You lose 5 Euros per month for the extra connection.

Digitenne provides an external dvb-t2 tuner with smart card that needs to be connected to the tv. The advantage is that new customers do not need to pay extra costs for equipment. But unlike satellite television, you cannot receive Dutch channels abroad over dvb-t2.

watch online

You can of course watch programs online at the campsite, but this is often not the ideal option. For example, you can use a WiFi connection from the campsite to watch TV shows or movies on your smart TV or mobile device. Usually this internet connection is not very reliable which does not improve the viewing experience. You can also use your phone as an access point: then you use your internet package to watch movies and TV shows. Remember this is fast: you’re out of your data package before you know it.

Many providers also have an ‘unlimited data’ plan. You can then watch unlimited movies and TV shows for a single amount of time, for example 24 hours or a month. After your vacation, you are not attached to anything.

Hope you don’t miss your favorite sporting events even when you’re on vacation thanks to these tips!

Source: Computer Totaal

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